Fee Details: Academic Students

Registration fees
A non refundable registration fee of USD10.00 for administration and USD6.00 for student ID.

Tuition Fees
Our fees are USD360.00 per term.

Study packs and text books are available at the college for free.

School uniform

All Academic students must be in college uniform every school day. The uniforms are available at the college. They are available in two forms i.e. summer and winter.

School holidays

There will be lessons during formal school holidays, but students will be given one week break in April and August.In December students are given 2 weeks holiday.


Academic students are not allowed to bring cell phones to school and they are not allowed to go into town before the end of a day’s classes even if the student has no lessons.


Only parents or guardians are allowed to visit academic student in emergency cases only or by appointment with the College authorities.

Fee Details: Professional Students

The fees differ according to the course and duration of the course. You may contact the college for details.