Our Institute
Densmak Consultancy Services (Pvt) Ltd is a company incorporated in Zimbabwe. It was registered on 04/11/94, registration number 6295/94. It is registered with both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education.

Our History
One evening in early January 1994, Denis Shoko was at Harare Polytechnic college reading, preparing for a CIS Financial Accounting 111 examination in May of the same year. Whilst taking a break, he was approached by one CIS student who was also studying at Harare Polytechnic preparing for a CIS Financial Accounting 11 examination in May the same year. The student requested him to assist him in the subject. His response was casual “ I can but tsvaga vamwe muwande(look for more), at least three”. The student never showed up again. However he had ignited a fire which would never be blown out.

Denis Shoko gave serious thought to this request. Anticipating the student to come back, and considering his meager salary then, the 27 year old Denis decided to look for more students.He found Lazaras Boora, Francis Chinhundu, Fadzai Mudekwa and Galdencia Museza. He knew all the four had challenges in Financial Accounting 11. In those days CIS students could freely meet for studies at Harare Polytechnic whose facilities were not out of bounce to the public.

In February, the numbers had grown to 21 and the students offered to pay something. The charge was Z$50 a month for unlimited hours. The nearest rival was Wurayari Zembe’s Foundation College and Dr Eddie Chamisa’s Face to Face Academy who both charged Z$70 a month for 2 hours a week. They provided revision classes and Shoko went for the uncontested beginners’ market.

On 1 March 1994, Memory Rusike and Immaculate Mangunda who both worked with Francis Chinhundu at Stanbic Bank requested him to assist them in Financial Accounting 1. The terms were identical and in no time the numbers came to 10. “The Lord blessed me that year because one of my students , Lazarus Boora got a first prize in Financial Accounting 11” said Denis Shoko.

In June 1994, Institute of Bankers was introduced, with a colleague, Evidence Muza who had remained behind at Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe when Denis Shoko left, taking Economics. It was not difficult to mobilize people.

Space was the challenge as it had become increasingly difficult to operate from Harare Polytechnic because the authorities had tightened their controls. They moved from Harare Polytechnic to Doublin House, room 114. There were ladies who were doing some dressmaking business in that room. So during the day, they made their dresses and in the evening, Shoko would rush from Barzem, Msasa where he was working as a Workshop Accountant, sweep the room, re-arrange the machines and start teaching. The support from students was tremendous.

Denis Shoko realized that students had challenges understanding what was in conventional text books. He then told his students that he would provide them with detailed notes in the form of study packs. The first study pack was Financial Accounting Two written during the first session of January – April 1994. They then made it a policy that every teacher was to write a study pack.

By 1995, their study packs had driven most correspondence colleges out of business.

The July 1994- October 1994 CIS session was over subscribed and the students could hardly fit in Room 114. Other students like Alban Mafemba (Ex Zimbabwe Saints Goal Keeper and CAPS United Coach) would assist in sweeping the room and re-arranging the desks.

In November 1994, they moved to Trafalgar Court Room 215, leasing the room from the then Councilor Ben Chisvo. A company had been registered ; Densmak Consultancy Services which traded as Denmak Training Services. In November, during the second session of IOBZ lessons, greats like Norman Mataruka (now Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Division Chief for Bank Supervision) and Exodus “Zodo” Makumbe ( Ex CEO of Premier Banking Group) joined the college as part time lecturers. The results from the previous session had been extremely impressive so word went around fast that we were doing a good job and so the numbers grew. Mataruka taught marketing with a passion and wrote a Marketing study pack. Exodus Makumbe taught Foreign Exchange and Money & Banking. He wrote study packs in the two subjects. He was an extremely fine teacher.

The place became too small and in February 1995, we moved to a building at the corner of Robert Mugabe/Harare street. Additional space was leased on a part time basis from the Catholic Centre, School of Social Work, Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce and Batanai Gardens. All these places were full of people. Mr Mpofu and Father Muhembere of Catholic Centre, Mr Motsi of African Rehabilitation Institute (Batanai Gardens), Mr Nyamushonongora of school of Social Welfare and Mrs Zembe of ZNCC were extremely supportive.

“In 1995, when we started teaching Advanced Financial Reporting, the Lord blessed us again and one of one pioneer students; Francis Chinhundu who was an Advanced Financial Reporting student was awarded a best finalist prize for the May 1995 examination.” said Denis Shoko

In 1998, they moved to their more spacious premises at number 72 Kaguvi Street. More courses were introduced including academic subjects.

Denmak Bulawayo started in January 1999 at the request of student’s and ex lecturers namely Dr Ruramai Tandu and the late Cleopas Mujombi who had transferred to Bulawayo from Harare. It was situated at Cabs Building in Lobengula Street and 6th Avenue, offering Bankers and CIS professional courses. Then later due to demand as well, academics were introduced.

Denmak has since opened Denmak Junior School in Greendale Athlone, Harare. Denmak High School will open in Greendale in January 2017. Denmak Junior Waterfalls, Harare will open in January 2017. Another Denmak High School will open in Waterfalls in January 2017.